A-Level and Middle School exams


In the Abitur programme, you will be prepared for both forms of the exam -- oral and written. Special attention will be paid to the current overarching theme of the examination.

Oral examination

Whether your intention is to take the oral exam solo or with a partner (tandem), we will provide you with the skills you need to ace the test. You will also receive practice in describing and interpreting graphs, cartoons, and pictures.

Written examination

Reading exercises will include more complex texts to help you to master the vocabulary required for A-level exams. Additionally, writing exercises will give you the confidence you need to write error-free essays with a sound structure.

Central themes


Our programme will prepare you for both aspects of the test -- comprehension and text production.

Listening and reading comprehension

You will receive the training you need to understand and explain audio materials in English which will be beneficial for mediation style questions.

Text production

Our lessons will help you to answer the text production questions effectively. You will learn how to choose materials for the material-supported essays and how to write a good outline before starting your composition.

Middle school exam

We'll prepare you for the four components of the exam: text-based tasks; use of language; creative writing; skills and techniques.

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