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Telling the time in English (Uhrzeiten auf Englisch)

Telling the time
(What time is it?)



12 hour

24 hour

Method A

(am / pm)

Method B

(in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening)

Written only



It's 1:00 (pm).
= It's one.

It's 1 o' clock (in the afternoon).

It's 13:00.

It's thirteen hundred hours.


It's 1:04.
= It's one o' four.

It's 4 (minutes) past one.

It's 13:04.

It's thirteen hundred o' four hours.


It's 1:10.
= It's one ten.

It's 10 past one.

It's 13:10.

It's thirteen ten hours.


It's 1:15.
= It's one fifteen.

It's a quarter past one.

It's 13:15.

It's thirteen fifteen hours.


It's 7:20 (am).
= It's seven twenty.

It's 20 past 7 (in the morning).

It's 07:20.

It's zero seven twenty hours.


It's 7:30.
= It's seven thirty.

It's half past 7.

It's 07:30.

It's zero seven thirty hours.


It's 7:40.
= It's seven forty.

It's 20 (minutes) to 8.

It's 07:40.

It's zero seven forty hours.


It's 7:45.
= It's seven forty-five.

It's a quarter to 8.

It's 07:45.

It's zero seven forty five hours.


It's 10:00 (pm).
= It's ten.

It's ten o' clock (in the evening).

It's 22:00.

It's twenty two hundred hours.

Teaching English

"The beautiful thing about teaching English is that you are helping people to achieve their dreams through mastery of the language."

Read more.

Some tips for learning English

This article on Omniglot contains a list of good tips for learning English.

In my opinion, I believe you can do a lot to improve your English with the following:

  1. Spend about 30 minutes each day learning. There's no need to do a lot more. Just be consistent with doing a little each day and it will pay off.
  2. Read a page each day from a book that you find interesting.
  3. Contact language learners on language exchanges such as The Mixxer and chat with them via Skype.
  4. Review your lesson and course notes.

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