Our Team

Our language school relies on a full-time teacher, various part-time teachers, an editor, a proofreader, and the administrative staff. Together we ensure that students receive thoroughly prepared, on-time lessons with properly edited notes after each class. We enjoy what we do and ensuring that you receive high-quality language instruction is our mission.


Chloe Shinn

Chloe has been working at Tyndale’s English Centre since January 2019. She also has experience teaching English at the VHS in Aalen. A native of the United States, she studied music education and taught at an American elementary school for two years before moving to Germany in 2018. In addition to her native language English, she also speaks German and French.

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Denton Tyndale

Denton is a CELTA-certified English teacher. He is a member of the English Language Teachers' Association (Ulm / Neu Ulm). He studied computer engineering at the undergraduate level (BSc) at the then Polytechnic University in New York and, later, computer science at the postgraduate level (MSc). His native language is English. Additionally, he speaks German, Spanish, Romanian, French, Russian, Dutch, and a little Greek and Italian. He is happily married to Monika.

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Nino Pinna

Nino has been working for TEC as a teacher since 2017. After completing a few teacher training programs, he obtained the requisite skills to teach English and German. He learned English during his time in high school and university and reinforced his skills with trips to the US and the United Kingdom. Other than German and English, he speaks Serbian and a bit of French and Spanish.

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Administrative staff

Monika Tyndale

Monika provides the administrative support that keeps the non-classroom activities of the centre going. She takes an interest in languages and is, herself, a true bilingual having both German and Romanian as her native languages. Outside of her native languages, she also speaks English.

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